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US Marine Corps National Championships

07/21/2017, 11:15am PDT

Washington took a little over 120 of our finest athletes to compete in the United States Marine Corps Cadet and Junior National Championship in Fargo, North Dakota.  Every year Washington takes a group to compete for what is know as Stop Signs (All-American) within the wrestling community, this year Washington Claims 37 signs.   

11 Cadet All-American, 10 Junior All-Americans and 7 Cadet WM, 9 Junior WM All-American and 1 Team Title.  (Women's Duals)

This event is the Grand Daddy of all event in amateur wrestling, for 25 years Fargo has hosted this event.  Over 5,000 athletes and 42 different states were represented this year, with over 10,000 matches wrestled in 6 days this event is noted as the toughest tournament in the country and the largest in the world at this level.  We would like to thank all those athletes who endured the countless hours of training to prepare for such an event, to the parents who are their greatest supporters and know the financial struggles at time to provide such an experience.  Thank you once again and congratulations to those who competed and those who earned the right to call themselves an All-American.  Go Team WA!!!

2017 All-Americans

106 Cadet Freestyle 3 Aizayah Yacapin
138 Cadet Freestyle 7 Dominic Damon
100 Cadet Freestyle 4 Yusief  Lillie
113 Junior Freestyle 2 Brandon  Kaylor
132 Junior Freestyle 2 Alexander Cruz
127 Cadet Women 7 Alexandra More
127 Cadet Women 5 Kaylee Moore
100 Cadet Women 2 Kenzie Cormier
144 Cadet Women 7 Navaeh Cassidy
117 Cadet Women 4 Phoenix Dubose
122 Cadet Women 3 Payton Stroud
112 Cadet Women 2 Viktorya Torres
127 Junior Women 3 Brenda Reyna
117 Junior Women 2 Cameron Guerin
138 Junior Women 1 Emma Bruntil
132 Junior Women 6 Joessie Gonzales
106 Junior Women 8 Leah Olsen
152 Junior Women 5 Lena Flanagan
122 Junior Women 3 Payton Stroud
112 Junior Women 3 Viktorya Torres
127 Junior Women 6 Kaylee Moore
106 Cadet Greco-Roman 4 Aizayah Yacapin
138 Cadet Greco-Roman 4 Alex Rubio
120 Cadet Greco-Roman 6 Austin Almaguer
106 Cadet Greco-Roman 6 Brenden Chaowanapibool
145 Cadet Greco-Roman 2 Franky Almaguer
113 Cadet Greco-Roman 3 Haiden Drury
152 Cadet Greco-Roman 3 Sione Halo
100 Cadet Greco-Roman 1 Yusief  Lillie
113 Junior Greco-Roman 1 Brandon Kaylor
106 Junior Greco-Roman 4 Brenden Chaowanapibool
100 Junior Greco-Roman 5 Chase Randall
132 Junior Greco-Roman 1 Dalton Young
195 Junior Greco-Roman 4 Jackson McKinney
160 Junior Greco-Roman 8 John Knight
138 Junior Greco-Roman 1 Mason Phillips
126 Junior Greco-Roman 8 Vu Le

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