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WSWA Folkstyle State Championships: seeding criteria

By Webmaster, 10/25/15, 5:45PM PDT


All WSWA Coaches, Club, Officials, Parents and Athletes,

This year, for the Chuck Bullard Memorial WSWA Folkstyle State Championships, seeding criteria will be used.

The seeding will be based on the athletes TrackWrestling Profile Rank Value.

Athletes will be seeded only if they meet the following criteria:

The athletes Trackwrestling Rank Value must be 0.75 or higher AND have a minimum of 10 events in their Trackwrestling profile.

The events used will be everything for the past 365 days.  Only events ran through Trackwrestling are used for the Rank Value, and will be the only events used for seeding purposes.  These events do not have to be Washington only events.  Events used are all events in the wrestlers profile from the past 365 days.

**** IMPORTANT ****

It is the responsibility of the Athlete, Coach or Parent to ensure that the Trackwrestling Profile is correct.  The WSWA will not assist in any corrections to the profile.  If you need to make a correction submit a ticket online to

It is the responsibility of the Athlete, Coach or Parent to pre-register for events in Trackwrestling with the Trackwrestling Profile number so the events get added to the athletes profile and included in the rank value.  If your name is not attached to a profile, the event may not be recognized during the seeding process.  WSWA WILL NOT under any circumstances re-seed event so ensure you are pre-registering for events AND using the athletes Trackwrestling Profile account to register.

The WSWA will not re-seed the event after seeding is complete.  All Trackwrestling Profile issues must be taken care of by the Coach, Athlete or Wrestler prior to Pre-registration closing for the event.

Keep in mind that because this seeding will be used, wrestlers from the same club could potentially meet in the first two rounds.

Sherry Bullard
WSWA Pairing Officials Director