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Board Meeting Minutes - February 24, 2013

By Webmaster, 02/24/13, 4:15PM PST


Emergency Board Meeting Minutes
February 24, 2013
Phone Conference

Board Members present:
Mary Ann Douglas, Jay Terry, Beth Michaelson, Andy Cook, Ron Beard, Dave Gilbertson, Ty Michaelson, Kim Burchett, Jim Burchett, Craig Hanson, Sean Ekerson, Tom Martin, Luke Leifer

Board Members not present:
Melissa Simmons, Chris Feist, Suzie Velarde,

Special Guest:
Tim Morgan TSSS

Call to Order:
Chairman Jay Terry called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm

New Business:
Folkstyle Tournament Review
-Jay mentioned that he has received a lot of emails and seen a lot on the message board about the good and bad of Folkstyle State.
-Biggest complaint was not being able to bring in food. Jay is talking to Tacoma Dome about this.
-Jay has spoken with USA Wrestling about the computers not working quickly due to the amount of cell phones and ipads connecting to trackwrestling. USA Wrestling is aware of the problem and has some work arounds.
-Tim Morgan mentioned scheduling tournament length by figuring the number of matches and hours by the number of wrestlers. The WSWA already can estimate this, and the length of the tournament was due more to a late start because of problems with weigh-in cards and the computers being down temporarily.
-People liked the assigned mats, but it was a pain for running the tournament and slowed things down.
-Tim thought the entry point was confusing. Jay mentioned that directions were sent to participants.

The Board brainstormed ideas for the next tournament:
-Jay recommends we advise teams that sign-up to do table help to run table help in shifts
-look into having hospitality room in the Tacoma Dome
-have weigh-ins the night before
-if we have night before weigh-ins
– then consider satellite weigh-ins (Mary mentioned this was a mess for the TOA)
-paying for parking may be a problem
-Mary would recommend they were around 6pm so she can also get the tournament set up the night before
-could start tournament earlier ie at 8am
-Ron asked if we could run divisions as separate tournaments. Mary answered, yes it costs more to do it that way for Folkstyle, but is free for Freestyle
-Tom said that the security contractor will work with the WSWA and provide us with services that meet our needs as long as those are communicated ahead of time.
-Dave wondered if it would save time to charge for weight changes from pre-registered weights. It wouldn’t and it wouldn’t be popular

Preliminary Plans for Freestyle/Greco
-estimate 1,000 participants for Freestyle. Less for Greco since there are no PeeWees or Bantams. Shooting for a 8pm finish for Freestyle
-Mary mentioned we will need to look into borrowing/renting matside clocks from the WIAA
-Jay mentioned the need for more people to help plan the tournament
-Sean Volunteered to make larger numbers for the matside clocks
-Andy volunteered to head-up the table help committee
-Tom will work with Jay and coordinate with Security at the Tacoma Dome
-Luke will organize registration table help
-Jay is working with Dollamur and AllAmerican to provide possibly 20 mats. Jay should know in two weeks. There is an opportunity for clubs and teams to buy mats from Dollamur at the tournament for the demo price and no shipping. (Buyer would need to transport mat from the Tacoma Dome, unless the destination was on Dollamur’s way) The Velcro 42×42 one color one stripe is $8,700
-Tim is checking into availability for set-up Friday night
-will look into time and cost
-Decided to run weigh-ins the morning of the tournament. PeeWee to Novice divisions will start at 10am and Schoolboy to Open will start at 1pm. Dave updated the website to reflect this change.
-Tim asked if we can make an option on the registration page where people select whether or not they are staying in a hotel. This is not an option. Tim will help draft an email and tournament flier to be sent out prior to the event.

Discussion of Folkstyle and Freestyle/Greco Tournaments ended. Jay recommended dealing with any other business and cancelling the next scheduled meeting on March 3rd. The board agreed. Tim left the meeting. Board Meeting continued.

Jay: Revenue from the tournament isn’t finalized yet. The TSSS guaranteed $15k. Still waiting on final number from t-shirt and other vendors.

Andy: Justin Lester is coming to Vandit April 22nd-25th for a clinic. Andy mentioned that Justin is available and willing to come to Freestyle State and run a mini-clinic and set-up a booth for autographs. After some discussion on logistics the board is excited to have him set-up on a section of mats between 8:30-9:30 and have a booth.

General Discussion on the $2 fund. Since Freestyle and Greco State are on the same weekend this year and the $2 fund rules stipulates that to be eligible for funding from the $2 fund wrestlers must attend 5 tournaments on separate weekends, do we need to adjust rules to count both FS and Greco? Also if Merle is willing to contribute $2 for wrestlers at Battleground can that count towards the 5 tournaments. The purpose of the $2 fund is for wrestlers to support local tournaments. Currently qualifying wrestlers receive about $200 from the $2 fund.
Ron makes a motion: Wrestlers must compete in 5 tournaments to receive funding from the $2 fund. Greco and Freestyle State count as separate tournaments and NW Regionals also counts.
Tom seconds.

Beth reminds board that we must wait until next meeting to vote on the motion.

Tom states that tournament directors need to let him know one week in advance how many surfaces they are running. It is recommended that Tom contact the tournament director and cc Mary Ann.

Dave asks if the limited membership is adequate for ORCA Duals. Yes it is.

Tom makes a motion to adjourn. Craig seconds. Meeting adjourns at 8:27 pm