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Board Meeting Minutes - January 6, 2013

By Webmaster, 01/06/13, 4:15PM PST


WSWA Board Meeting Minutes
January 6, 2013

Present: Jay Terry, Suzie Velarde, Mary Anne, Kim and Jim Burchett, Dave Gilbertson, Sean Eckerson, Craig Hansen, Tom Martin, Luke Leifer, Guests Tim Waer and Tim Morgan from South Sound Board Commission.
Absent: Beth and Ty Michaleson, Chris Feist, Melissa, Ron Beard

Meeting called to order at 6:06
Next Board meeting will be February 3rd, 2013 @ 6:00

Sean Eckerson moved to accept December Board meeting minutes.
Tom Martin seconds

Old Business:
Tim Waer discussed the finalization of the state tournament at the Tacoma Dome February 17th, 2013. They were asking what the boards expectations are for hospitality, parking and room blocks for the officials. Agreement needs to be signed so they can get the information on the reader board. Mats are being arranged. They were trying to figure out how many mats would need to be kept at the facility. It was decided that all 24 would be the best number and would assure we could finish the tournament earlier. There needs to be a crew to be available to help move mats after the tournament as a thank you for WSWA being able to use the mats. The staff will test the Verizon connection on January 7, 2013. They will let Mary Anne know if the service is good for the tournament set up. They insure that WSWA can start their set up Saturday night as soon as Mat Classic is completed. The WSWA staff can stay as late as needed to set up. Jay expects that board members will stay and help with set up once they have taken care of their teams if applicable. The board is hoping that there are high school wrestlers participating in the state tournament as well.

The hospitality room will be across the street at the Tacoma Dome Best Western unless the commission can get the Tacoma Dome to lower their food prices for the WSWA. They will let Jay Terry know as soon as they find out. Water will be allowed at the tables for the table help and the referees. The concern is that the table help will not get breaks to go to the hotel to get food. It is only about a minute walk from the Tacoma Dome and should be easy for the help and refs to go back and forth.

Morning food items will consist of snacks and refreshments. Lunch will be the main meal and should be enough for about 150 people.

RV’s can park in parking lot. If there is a special pass needed the commission will let the board know.
Dave will work with them to make sure the WSWA website is updated with information, hotels, maps and directions. He will be in close contact and update daily as needed.

Mary Anne wants to make sure she can get her car close to unload all the equipment. Tim’s cell number is 253.222.6218 and email is . Mary Anne to call him when she is ready to unload and he will get her close to entry.

Registration is through trackwrestling. Prepay only.

Directors reports:
Jay Terry-chairman- Folkstyle tournaments going well. Hoping referee counts increase.
Jay is wondering about the Oregon Classic Qualifier and how that works for the tournament that is hosting. Jay will contact Rex Metcalf and ask him to contact the tournament director to work closely together.
Jim Burchett-deputy director- No report

Kim Burchett-Membership director- see attached for numbers. Freestyle tournaments are being scheduled. She has been emailing directors to get follow up on tournaments completed.

Mary Anne- Treasurer- See attached.

Mary Anne-pairings director- Sherry will bring her computers and equipment to the Tacoma Dome for the tournament. Mary Anne thinks that we should pay her for the use of her equipment. The WSWA will need to purchase another set of computers in the future. The ones that we have been using for years will also need to start being replaced. Mary Anne needs to train other pairers to run tournaments but it is hard to train and run the tournaments. She is looking for ideas on the best approach for this. She will start scheduling the same people repetivily to insure they are trained and able to run tournaments. She needs people that want to learn the program as well as has knowledge on pairing rules. She is looking for people that will be around for a long while. She will try and do screenshots and put together more directions for new pairers.

Tom Martin-Officials Director- Number of officials have picked up in January and February sign ups. He will work on them to get more of a commitment out of them. He will work on getting adults officials only at the state tournament. If he cannot get enough then WSWA will use OWA to fill in. He has 10 signed up right now for the state tournament. He will email the lists to all officials so that they can sign up where needed and also it will work as a reminder to those that have not signed up yet. All correspondence will be sent to everyone to keep the communication open. He is waiting for googledocs to get started as that will make it easier for his communication with the group.

Craig Hansen- coach director- He is starting to set up the bronze clinic at the state tournament. He is ordering materials-about 100. Adam France will help run the class. Kim will send an updated list of current coaches to Craig. They are expecting this to be a big clinic because they have to get on the floor at the Tacoma Dome. He is looking at rooms that will fit that amount of people. There have not been any applications for national team coaches yet. He will start advertising that as applications are due by the end of March.

Luke Leifer- No report
Sean Ekerson- No Report
Suzie Velarde-Travel Director- No Report

Dave Gilbertson-Web Master- Needs template for the state tournament flyer for prepay set up. He will set up links. ORCA team is getting set up. There are 3 kids committed so far.

Action item:
Ron Beard asked that the board vote on the item that was presented at the last board meeting regarding letting other tournaments being qualifier for Western Regionals. There was discussion on this and it was voted that the state tournament is the best for a qualifier for a regional tournament. Kids can still go if there is available space and they pay the petition fee.

Tom Martin votes to not accept additional location to qualify for regional tournament. Jim Burchett seconds. This was passed unanimously.

New Business- None

Kim Burchett motioned to adjourn
Mary Anne seconds.
Adjourned: 7:48