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Board Meeting Minutes - December 2, 2012

By Webmaster, 12/02/12, 4:30PM PST


Board Meeting Minutes
December 2, 2012
Phone Conference 6pm

Board Members present:
Dave Gilbertson, Jay Terry, Mary Ann Douglas, Beth Michaelson, Andy Cook, Melissa Simmons, Suzie Velarde, Tom Martin, Ty Michaelson, Luke Leifer,

Board Members not present:
Jim Burchett, Ron Beard, Sean Ekerson, Craig Hanson, Chris Feist, Kim Burchett,

Special Guest:
Tim Morgan TSSS

Call to Order:
Chairman Jay Terry called the meeting to order

New Business:
Tim Morgan from the TSSS gives an update on Folkstyle State at the Tacoma Dome. Looking at $5 for parking and $10 admission fee. Use of the facility will be offset by charging fees. (The Tacoma Dome keeps parking, admission and concession.) Guarantee WSWA $15,000 profit after expenses. Bronze certified coaches will have free admission. Dave asks with such a big venue how will kids and coaches get to mats? Jay says we will assign mats and put peewees by the gate on the floor for easy access with parents. WSWA will probably utilize some WIAA Officials. The WSWA can use its t-shirt vendor and can use the billboard for advertising.

Old Minutes
Tom made a motion to accept the board meeting minutes from the November Board meeting, Mary Ann seconds, motion passes.

Board Reports

Kim Burchett, Membership Director- Jay presents Kim’s report
• Total membership numbers are significantly up from last year. Membership revenue is slightly up.
• Good feedback on Folkstyle only (limited) membership
• Little Guy League in Spokane is meeting with Les Gutches and may be bringing over 3,000 kids.

Mary Ann Douglas, Treasurer
Already $2,716 in $2 fund

Mary Ann Douglas, Pairings Director
• Has worked 5 of 8 tournaments. Has been reamed for lack of officials. Most officials at a tournament was 3, one tournament only had one official. Clubs are not happy about the understanding that by sanctioning a tournament they will be assigned officials and no officials showing up. Jay mentions that he and Chuck would send out weekly emails to drum up officials. Tom feels like he is getting a handle on job expectations. Mary suggests shortening season, Tom thinks it’s extreme.
• People like Mat-Side entry, would like officials to be trained so they can assist table help

Melissa Simons, Women’s Director
• Would like to set-up a separate women’s Fargo training camp, will talk to Jim

Andy Cook, Open Director
• Is excited to be on board
• Has talked to a few Open Wrestlers about competing in Las Vegas
• Lester coming out to do a camp

Dave Gilbertson, Web Director
• Working on updating website
• Kim is updating the schedule automatically on googledocs
• Website is visited 300-500 times a day

Luke Leifer, Junior Director
• Luke’s tournament went well

New Business:
• Canadian coaches need to have USA Wrestling Cards
• Mary mentions people are unhappy about new policy of not printing USA cards

Tom moved to adjourn, Mary Ann seconds. Meeting Adjourns at 7:40pm