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Board Meeting Minutes - November 4, 2012

By Webmaster, 11/04/12, 4:30PM PST


Board Meeting Minutes
November 4, 2012
Phone Conference

Board Members present:
Kim Burchett, Jim Burchett, Mary Ann Douglas, Melissa Simmons, Beth Michaelson, Ron Beard, Dave Gilbertson, Ty Michaelson, Sean Eckerson, Jay Terry, Craig Hanson, Chris Feist

Board Members not present:
Tom Martin, Luke Leifer, Suzie Velarde

Call to Order
Chairman Jay Terry called the meeting to order at 6:02pm.

Old Minutes
Jim made a motion to accept the board meeting minutes from the October Board meeting, Ron seconds, motion passes.

Old Business
• Beth is working on updating bylaws
• Andy Cook is appointed as Open Director
• Athlete Representative nominations: Rachel Archer, Chandler Rogers, Matt Floresca, Cruz Valasquez. Jay will contact them to see if they are interested in serving on the board

Board Reports

Jay Terry, Chair:
• Folkstyle Tour of America: Craig reports that all officials are filled and he will contact Tami McMillan if he needs additional pairers.
• The board discussed allowing nonsanctioned events to rent/use state equipment for tournaments. No decision was made.
• Jay is meeting with the WIAA and TSSS to discuss more details regarding using the Tacoma Dome for Folkstyle State. Preliminary costs are estimated at $15,000. Entry Fee of $10 for adults, Kids Free. Half of entry with ticket stub for Mat Classic
• Jay will ask if the billboard is included

Kim Burchett, Membership Director
• Total Athlete memberships purchased through October:1,454 (555 are limited memberships) compared to 2011: 839

Beth Michaelson, Secretary
• Waiting on application to be approved by google for google apps/gmail

Mary Ann Douglas, Treasurer
• Outstanding debt has been paid with the exception of $30 from Team Spartan and a camp fee
• Account Balances
Checking: $18,519.04
Money Market:$45,700.16
Coaches: $16,189.14

Mary Ann Douglas, Pairings Director
• Having a hard time finding pairings officials on the eastside. Concerned may not be able to get enough officials to run multiple tournaments
• We will need to buy a few more computers to run state
• Tournament Directors need a procedures list for setting up tournamnets
• Need procedures posted for sanctioning and running a tournament including estimated costs

Craig Hanson, Coach’s Director
• Craig has an email in to Cody regarding planning the Silver College
• Will run a bronze clinic at State

Ron Beard, Eastern Kid’s Director
• Ron reported that the coach who owed money to the WSWA has paid
• Reported that a parent had suggested the idea of other tournaments besides state serving as qualifiers for Western Regionals.

Ty Michaelson, Promotions Director
• Waiting to hear specifics on Tacoma Dome before pursuing sponsors

Dave Gilbertson, Web Director
• Working on updating website

Action Items
• Voting on Sean’s motion from October meeting. Craig Seconds, motion passes unanimously.

Dual team applicants must pay a non-refundable $250 deposit. Members of Washington’s #1 Dual Team who participate in both duals and Fargo may be eligible for a $250 credit on their Fargo expenses. (Applicants may be eligible for a refund of their deposit in the case of excused injury and board approval).

Sean moved to adjourn, Ron seconds. Meeting Adjourns at 7:30pm