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Board Meeting Minutes - October 7, 2012

By Webmaster, 10/07/12, 4:30PM PDT


Board Meeting Minutes
October 7, 2012
Phone Conference

Board Members present:
Kim Burchett, Jim Burchett, Mary Ann Douglas, Melissa Simmons, Beth Michaelson, Ron Beard, Suzie Velarde, Dave Gilbertson, Ty Michaelson, Sean Eckerson, Jay Terry, Craig Hanson, Tom Martin

Board Members not present: Chris Feist, Luke Leifer,

Call to Order
Chairman Jay Terry called the meeting to order at 6:03pm.

Old Minutes
Sean Eckerson made a motion to accept the board meeting minutes from the September 15th Board meeting, Ron seconds, motion passes. Kim pointed out that the discipline action should be removed from the public posting of the minutes. Mary Ann made a motion to accept the minutes from the September 15th General Membership meeting. Jim seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Old Business
• Jay asked if everyone had a chance to report at the September board meeting since it was cut short. Board members answered yes. Jay asked Beth to get Dave an update on the by-laws for posting on the website.

Board Reports

Jay Terry, Chair:
• The Tacoma South Sound Sports Group will have their proposal for hosting folkstyle state at the Tacoma Dome submitted by October 15th. They contacted Craig and Craig provided them with the budget for the 2012 Folkstyle Tournamnet. Jay says the goal is to raise $10,000 for funding Team Washington. There may be an entry fee at the Tacoma Dome to offset costs of using the facility.
• Board discusses funding options for duals and Fargo. Hoping to fully fund duals with fundraising and revenue. The $2 fund will be the same as in the past. Division will depend on eligible wrestlers and available funds.
• Sean makes a motion to require Dual team applicants to pay a non-refundable (except in the case of a doctor excused injury) $250 deposit. Members of Washington’s #1 Dual Team who participate in both duals and fargo may be eligible for a $250 credit on their Fargo expenses. (This will be voted on at the Nov. meeting)
• Jay asked Mary Ann to prepare a report on how much each dual team cost in 2012
• Jim will develop procedures including a timeline and expectations listing deposit requirements, deadlines, travel and accommodation options, etc.

Jim Burchett, Deputy Director
• Jim will start on Fargo documentation at a later date as Fargo dates aren’t finalized yet

Kim Burchett, Membership Director
• Membership revenue for September 2012 $11,000 compared to $9,800 in 2011. 226 wrestlers at this time last year. 252 this year, 111 limited memberships. Kim anticipates a boost in January/February as limited memberships upgrade to full for state.
• 43 Sanctioned clubs this year, 36 at this point last year.
• Kim is still waiting to sanction tournamnets as she is waiting on information from clubs directors.
• Kim feels like the year is off to a good start and is getting positive feedback on communication to the clubs.

Beth Michaelson, Secretary
• Working on setting up google apps for gmail

Mary Ann Douglas, Treasurer
• No updates on late payments
• Partial payment was made on discipline case
• Mary Ann would like to consider doing away with coaches account since coaching expenses are paid out of general fund. Currently $5 from each coach’s card goes into account.

Mary Ann Douglas, Pairings Director
• Mary Ann is working on updating computers
• Right now we don’t have enough computers to run all three regions with mat side entry
• Melissa and Beth are willing to learn
• Mary wondered if officials owe money to the WSWA can they still work

Tom Martin, Mat Officials Director
• Waiting on final tournament schedule before assigning officials
• Plans on doing more serious training before tournaments

Craig Hanson, Coach’s Director
• Craig and Jay will coordinate on planning the Silver College
• Kim will get Craig a list of coaches to Craig with contact information

Melissa Simmons, Women’s Director
• Women’s Team had a 51% win record. Would like to see that improve.
• 7 Cadet All Americans
• 8 Jr All Americans
• 4th as a team at Jr. Duals. Washington is competing with the top teams!
• Planning some clinics in the spring

Sean Eckerson, Western Kid’s Director
• Will be recruiting earlier in the season this year. Is happy that he will be able to advertise a set amount.

Ron Beard, Eastern Kid’s Director
• Looking at changing procedure for coaching at Western Regionals
• Coach who still owes WSWA money will not be able to renew his coach’s card. Ron will give his information to Mary, Kim and Jay

Suzie Velarde, Travel Director
• Have 8 tickets from last year that we can use. Is researching hotels and is a little frustrated by not being called back by some of them.

Ty Michaelson, Promotions Director
• Presented USA Wrestling to the Eric White League in Kitsap County.
• If State is held at the Tacoma Dome Ty sees a lot of potential for getting sponsors. Including table sponsors, and billboard advertising, emailing coupons and specials to members and banner ads.

Dave Gilbertson, Web Director
• The website is mostly converted
• ORCA Duals still happening probably in Redding this year.

New Business
• Jay will be appointing a Open Director. Two people have expressed interest: Scott Philips and Andy Cook
• Discussion of whether to have althlete reps. Will ask for interest from atheletes. Ron suggests announcing at tournaments who the reps are so that other athletes can approach them with concerns or suggestions.

Kim moved to adjourn, Mary Ann seconds.