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Board Meeting Minutes - September 15th, 2012

By Webmaster, 09/15/12, 4:30PM PDT


Board Meeting Minutes
September 15th, 2012
Hal Holmes Center, Ellensburg

Board Members present:
Jay Terry, Jim Burchett, Mary Ann Douglas, Beth Michaelson, Kim Burchett, Ron Beard, Sean Ekerson, Chris Feist, Luke Leifer, Ty Michaelson, Suzie Velarde, Dave Gilbertson

Board Members not present:
Tony Arredondo, Melissa Simmons,

Call to Order
Jay called the meeting to order at 9:45 am

New Business
Discipline Action Decision

Old Minutes
Accepted with the revision of removing the line from July’s minutes that stated that Jim Burchett was not on the call and his report was given by Kim.

Board Member Reports
Chairman, Jay Terry:
A). Tiered membership: Limited membership option is valid for local and league wrestling ONLY. Wrestlers must purchase a full membership to participate in State or National events.
The High School Membership option available in a few other states is discussed and will be considered at a later time. Currently the potential loss of revenue is a road block. Ron recommends looking into the possibility of an additional fee for individual wrestlers to offset loss.

B). Jay presented highlights from the State Chairman’s Summit
– The WSWA is eligible for an athlete appearance once a year from USA Wrestling.
-12 States are currently offering the High School Membership program.
-The issue of Canadians wrestling at regionals and displacing eligible regional contestants is being looked into.
-An expanded Folkstyle instructional series is available for free through USA Wrestling
-Folkstyle is now recognized by FILA
-Bid process for duals rotation was voted down
-Snohomish Sports Commission is considering submitting a bid for National Jr. Duals
-Women will be required to wear Women’s Singlets
-No sanctioned USA tournament can use the word “state” in the tournament name unless it is the official state tournament
– USA Wrestling did a review of its insurance claims and found that 87% of all claims are filed by wrestlers 19+. As a result the price of an open license is now $50 with all proceeds going to USA Wrestling. If a wrestler is 19 at the beginning of the membership year he/she must purchase an open membership even if they are in high school.
-One mat will be reserved at Nationals for exhibition matches.
-The maximum number of teams at National Duals is 2 teams per state. Starting weight will be on rotation and will be drawn randomly. Weigh-ins will begin with the drawn weight as well.
-Wrestlers will weigh in for both styles at Duals with a 4lb. allowance. (Wrestler can’t drop a weight class unless they can make scratch.) To qualify for the allowance wrestler must compete in 2 matches.
-Bye placement at duals will start with the #4 seed instead of #1
-For all age divisions if a wrestler is undefeated in 5 or more wins he/she is placed on the All Tournament Team
C. Both the Tacoma Sports Commission (TSC) and the Spokane Group will be presenting bids for folkstyle state. TSC and the Snohomish Sports Commission will present bids for freestyle/Greco state.
D. Jay noticed that some other states are using the states website as an entry point for tournament registration instead of Trackwrestling. Tournaments require prepayment and the state cuts checks to clubs and officials.
E. Jay would like to pursue keeping the cost of duals to a minimum. He mentioned that the state of Georgia charges a $100 hold fee.
F. Discussion on Games of Rome and other non-USA tournaments using pairers and equipment.
-general consensus that they would need to meet the same requirements as other tournaments

Deputy Director, Jim Burchett:
A). Fargo 2013- Price comparison on hotel vs. dorm. No significant savings by staying in dorm. Some possible savings on meals, but would require eating at times that may not be convenient. Not a recommended change by Jim at this time.
-To avoid confusion Jim would like to see a $2 fee standardized guidelines created.
-Also re-research paying for Nationals and Duals through paypal.

Membership Director, Kim Burchett:
WSWA Membership Report
September 15th , 2012

Clubs Chartered For the 2011-2012 Season:
133 (125 last year)

Tournaments Sanctioned for the 2011-2012 Season:
29 (39 last year) – cancelled events this year not included in numbers

Cards Sold for the 2011-2012 Season:
Athlete 5398 (5010 last year)
Coaches 882 (839 last year)
Officials Memberships 168 (182 last year)

Other Information:
1. Card prices are as follows (plus $4.75 processing fee for all cards except athlete):
Athlete Limited Folkstyle Only Card: $15
Athlete Full Membership Card: $40
Athlete High Performance Card: $100
Coaches Cards: $42
2-year Coaches Cards: $84
Officials Cards: $25
2-year Officials Cards: $50

Club Charters: $140 (base prices without insurance) (plus $5 processing fee)
Purchasing a charter does not include insurance; you must select the option to add club insured during the process to have the $25.00 insurance added to have your site protected. Event sanctions have this option included in price, club charters do not.

Insurance for Charter: $20 each site (plus $5 processing fee)

Event Sanctions: $115 for one style one day (plus $5 processing fee)
If you have more than one style OR have more than one day, an additional $75.00 will be charged for each style OR each additional day to cover the Trackwrestling fees assessed to WSWA.
1) There is a one day event that has both FS and GR – the charge would be $120.00 for the first style and $75.00 for the second.
2) There is a three day event that has GR the first day, FS the second day and Folkstyle the third day – the charge would be $120.00 for the first day and style, $75.00 for the second day and style and $75.00 for the third day and style.

2. USA Wrestling offers a 2-year Coaches and Officials Card. The benefit to this is that you save the $4.75 processing fee that is assessed and you only have to do the whole background/ purchasing of your card every other year. You will not be able to print your coaches card or officials card until your background screening is completed. The screening can take a few days to complete so don’t wait until the last minute. You will be prompted to complete the screening after you have purchased your officials or coaches card.

3. Clubs need to ensure that a USA card has been purchased by every athlete and coach who steps on a practice mat before they are on the mat. No exceptions. The wrestlers can get hurt on the first practice and they are NOT covered.

4. All cards – Coaches and Athletes are sold online in Washington. You need to purchase yours early in case there are problems with the records online. Cards for the 2012-2013 season were available for purchase on September 1st, 2012. They are good until August 31st, 2013.

5. Remember the deadline dates for the Event sanctions per the By-Laws.

6. Clubs who wish to host a sanctioned Washington State Wrestling Association / USA Wrestling event must have both a current year licensed Mat Official and a current year licensed Pairing Official associated with the club, and they both must be available to work the hosted event in order to receive approval for the sanctioned event. The club Mat and Pairing officials must be age 18 years of age or older and must work at the designated job for the entire duration of the event

7. All individuals who purchase a Club Charter or Event Sanction online will need to complete a background check prior to approval. I would ask that any clubs sanctioning a folkstyle event to please submit your sanction as soon as possible. Please do not wait until the last minute. The tournament director and the mat and pairing officials must all have their backgrounds completed and the mat and pairing official must have their USA cards purchased for me to approve the sanction.

8. All WSWA Board members also need to renew their background screening.

I am looking forward to another great year of wrestling in Washington.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kim Burchett
Membership Director

B). Team Washington gear is available for sale there is a link on the website.

Secretary, Beth Michaelson:
A). standardized email using google apps is in the works

Treasurer, Mary Ann Douglas:
A). see financial report attached.
B). Mary Ann informs the board that collecting ½ of the late registration fee at tournaments has been difficult and she would like us to eliminate that policy.
Jim moves to eliminate the policy of collecting half of late registration fees from clubs hosting tournaments. Chris seconds the motion. Motion passes.

Pairings Officials Director, Mary Ann Douglas:
A). We currently have 18 computers to run mat side entry. This is not enough to run tournaments in all three regions. We may need to consider purchasing some additional equipment.
B). See attached report.

Sean makes a motion that if a policy change is brought up at a meeting it cannot be officially voted on until the next meeting. Mary Ann seconds. Motion carries.

Ron makes a motion to adjourn for the general membership meeting.
Sean seconds.

Meeting is Adjourned at 11:55am