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$2 Fund

By WSWA1, 09/21/12, 4:30PM PDT


$2 Athlete Fund Recommendations 2011-12


The Washington State Wrestling Association (W.S.W.A) established a $2 per athlete surcharge to all sanctions local and state tournaments. Each athlete’s tournament entry fee was increased by $2. This money was placed into a fund, referred to here as the “$2 Fund,” which was designated to help defray the costs of athletes traveling to USA Wrestling national tournaments as representative of Washington State. The funds have been disbursed for the various USAW Duals and to the Cadet, Junior and Women’s National Championships currently held in Fargo, ND.

Since the inception of the $2 Fund, athletes who did not attend any local tournaments, and thus did not contribute to the $2 Fund, were selected to participate on Washington National Teams and had their trips partially subsidized by the $2 Fund.

It is the intent of the W.S.W.A. to limit trip subsidies from the $2 Fund, beginning with the 2011-2012 season, to those athletes who have substantially contributed to the $2 Fund during the wrestling season.

To be eligible for a Washington National Team trip subsidy from the $2 Fund, athletes must have participated in at least five (5) W.S.W.A. sanctioned local or state tournaments during the current wrestling season which contribute a portion of the athlete’s registration fee to the $2 Fund.

The W.S.W.A recognizes there are many reasons an athlete who wishes to participate on a Washington National Team did not, or was unable to, participate in at least five (5) local or state tournaments during the season. This policy is not intended as a sanction against those athletes.


Prior to Washington National team trips (i.e. Duals or Fargo), the Board shall apportion dollar amounts to the various teams (i.e. $3,000 to each Dual team and $15,000 to Fargo).

Trip organizers shall determine which athletes on their established trip or team rosters are eligible for a $2 Fund subsidy based on their tournament participation during that season.

Trip organizers will divide the $2 Fund amount apportioned for that team among the eligible athletes.

Qualified athletes who wish subsidies from the $2 Fund will be expected to make timely applications to the traveling teams they wish to be a part of. If they miss deadlines established by the trip organizers, they may forfeit their portion of the $2 Fund as the allocated amount will have been fully apportioned amongst the athletes who met the deadline.

This procedure does not apply to any other subsidies.

*Revised 9/6/2011 to clarify that the 5 tournaments must be held on separate weekends
Jim Burchett moved to change the wording, Sherry Bullard seconded passed unanimously*