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Colville Indians High School Preview

By Kimo Morrison AKA Hillbilly Hawaiian 10/12/2018, 12:30pm PDT

"Only the Bills can relate to Colville’s curse…losing 4 straight title shots."

A quick look at recent history going back a few years… it was 1969 when Jack Villers won the first individual title with 27 more years before another would emerge in 1996 when Jerimiah Divis brought home State Title #2.  Fast forward to 2011, Colville would put 2 wrestlers into the finals as Jesse Morrison and Chandler Knight whom both would end up second on the podium.  Finally, with the feeder programs pushing out 100 plus kids yearly along with a wealth of talented and dedicated kids who were willing to travel for both practice and competition, Colville in 2012 as a team hit the top 10 board for the first time EVER placing 6thin 1A.  The following 2 years in the 2A division they remained contenders placing 9th & 7th…AND THEN IT BEGAN!

The next 4 years would be a very bitter sweet era.  In 2015 the sweet would come fast and furious, the bitter took a couple years to settle in.  The sweet came right out of the gate in 2015 when Colville put 5 into the finals when TJ Baun, who took 3rd the previous year in 2A would fulfill his goal of becoming a State Champion. Tyler Ward winning title #2 at 132lbs and Ben Knight capping off the Champion list at 170lbs.  The bitter that particular year was two big losses in the finals, put that along with Freemans only Champion that year (Goldbauch I believe) coming on the wake of a HORRENDICE fleeing call in favor of Freeman in the semi-finals which in my own opinion was THE CALL that GAVE the victory and title that year…to our most rivaled opponent… (FREEMAN! 169.5-155.5)

The following year 2016 it was 3 more Champions with Colville crowning 2 freshman at 106 and 113 in Trevor Morrison and Trent Baun while Riley Smith making the move to 170 to get his first and last Championship.  The bitter here, THE VERY bitter was losing the title not only to Deer Park, but by a mere 4.5 points!  Why so bitter?  TJ Baun lost in the finals to Royal on the decision to wrestle through an injury on an illegal slam.  Had TJ laid down to take the victory… Colville wins their first ever team state title in a boy’s event EVER… however, TJ Baun is tougher and has more character than that... Colville loses to (DP 156-151.5)

2017 would be a year of injury, sickness and Granger!  Crowning only 2 State Champions in brothers Trent and TJ Baun, Colville was devastated by the losses of 126lb Trevor Morrison in the quarter finals to Luke Larson of Vashon Island, older brother 160lb Thailer Morrison lost in finals after dropping down to challenge 2x returning State Champ Austin Cain for the title. Then #1 ranked 152lb John Knight lost in the quarters to Tony Almaguer of Granger.  Knight and Morrison came back to redeem those quarter final losses later in the tournament and although both battled back to take 3rd place, the valued semi-final points that Colville needed would be missed as Colville was edged out by (Granger 198-185.5)

Like the BILLS often said: "2018 was going be OUR YEAR!"  Or so we thought… it was one of those things where you can almost visualize the aftermath of celebration and taste the sweet taste of victory.  And then, one of the worst rounds of wrestling in the history of our school would set into motion a cataclysmic meltdown.  With Murphy’s law being in full force that doomed Saturday, Colville took a nose dive of epic proportions that would end up being called THE ROUND.  A round, I can barely talk about still to this day.  Even in claiming three State Champions in Trent Baun, Trevor Morrison and John Knight, it was Deer Park that would answer the call to victory through the back door and place enough wrestlers WITHOUT even ONE CHAMPION to defeat us once again.  The most bitter part, it was a Colville raised and trained wrestler who had moved to Deer Park 2 years previously that WON that title for them.  Ethan Newman tore his knee in Regionals the week previous… came out on ONE LEG basically and manhandled his way to a VERY PAINFUL 4TH PLACE finish.  If not for the courage of Ethan Newman, Colville wins…but that isn’t how it happened. Colville drops 4th strait to (DP 159-136.5)

So here we are…coming into another year…a year of GREAT potential, potential for elated celebration or utter despair and loathing of both circumstances and repetitive failure.  It is a very anticipated and yet very anxious time right now as we close in on what may be Colville’s greatest year in local wrestling history or another year of wanting to gouge my eyes and heart out of my body!  Only this time…I think it is going to be the year that we put all naysayers to rest… I am going to go out on a limb and say, “it is ONLY ours to lose this year!”  If all remain in good health and injury free, Colville wins this year’s 1A team race by more than 50 points with its depth and individual championship talent. 

This year is the year for a state title, first due to the returning Champions that Colville returns this year.  Second due to the scrappy, unknown freshman crew coming into the room and third the prodigal son wrestlers who have decided to return for their senior year after choosing round ball as freshmen.  Lastly, like any other school we had move ins…luckily for us…a big handful of those just happen to be wrestlers!  For the first time ever, Colville will have a complete line up from top to bottom, with the only possible adjustment to be made would be whether or not we will see the return of former freshman state placer Junior Tyler Baun who took last year off.  

Let’s take a look at this year’s projected line up!

106 -   Logan Hydorn           Fr.

113 -   Tyvan Richter           So. (State Participant)

120 -   Colton Eslick             Sr.

            Devon Minnier          Fr.

126 -   Rueben Seaman      Jr. (State Placer)

132 -   Trent Baun                Sr. (3x State Champion)

138 -   Dillon Sahota            Jr.  (State Placer)

145 -   Takoda Morrison      Fr.

            Wyatt Gleaves          Fr.       

152 -   Chase Hilerbrandt    So.

            Danny DePaulo        Fr.

160 -   Trevor Morrison        Sr. (2x State Champion)

170 -   Tanner Goff               Fr.

182 -   Hunter Theraldson   Sr.

195 -   John Knight               Sr. (State Champion)

           Joey Allen                  Jr.

220 -   Ryder Goff                 Sr. (State Placer)

285 -   Jacob Newsom         Sr.

            Kenny Qualey           Sr.

Winning a state team title is more than showing up with a handful of good or even champion caliber guys… as history has proven to us.  It is ALL ABOUT THE TEAM RACE for the Indians this year.  If there has ever been a year that I believe the kids are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the group… it’s this year. 


Written by: The “Unprofessional Guy” (former moniker as boxing analyst/writer) 

AKA: Hillbilly Hawaiian

Kimo Morrison

Top 10 Incoming Freshman

By WSWA 10/01/2018, 2:45pm PDT

Top 10 Incoming Freshman, these are freshman who will make an immediate impact for their schools and have demonstrated technical skill and achievements locally, Regionally and Nationally. 


Last year’s Top 10 Incoming Freshman produced great results for many schools.  Of the 10 wrestlers listed 4 of them claimed State Titles as Freshman:  Yusief Lillie, Steele Starren, Ethan Davis and Kaden Krouse. Compared to the year before where only 1 claimed a title but we had 4 finalist, the talent pool is getting deeper in Washington and we expect great things once again this upcoming season. 

10. Oscar Alvarez - Claiming All-American honors in Fargo, ND this summer Oscar will bring some star power to Grangers already tough line-up.  Oscar has proved this summer he can compete with the higher-level competition as a Cadet National Dual team member.  Only tough thing with Oscar will be his size, if he gains a few pounds look for him to contend for a title at 1A 106. 

9.  Darion Johnson Here is another tough nosed lightweight coming into high school.  He will be in the 4A and will be contending for a podium spot immediately.  Darion has represented Team Washington the past few Summers at Schoolboy National Duals and Fargo Nationals.  Darion has taken some losses last year but keeps getting better and better and his tough nosed style will help put him in the hunt for immediate success in High School.

8. Isaiah Anderson Isaiah is very tough athlete, works hard and will battle with the best of them.  The disadvantage is that he is coming into 4A in the upper-weights where he will compete with men.  Isaiah demonstrated this past spring he can compete with high school wrestlers, his talent on his feet is unmatched for a big kid as a freshman. 

7.  Nathan Gregory - Moving over to Deer Park the 1A returning State Champions, Nathan will come into season instantly contributing to Deer Parks talent.  Nathan is 2-year National Team Members, Triple Crown Winner and wrestling All-American with an arsenal of moves that will make him deadly as a freshman. 

6.  George Trujillo George will be tough to handle with his relentless attacking style.  Great wrestler on the mat and will give wrestler fits. Look for George to compete with anyone out of the gate this season. 

5.  Mateo De La Pena - Has earned 3 Folkstyle State Titles wrestling for Washington State Wrestling Association, undefeated at Schoolboy National Duals this past year in both styles.  He will be wrestling for 4A Kennedy High School.

4.  CJ Hamblin CJ is fundamentally sound and betrays very few holes in his game.  Representing Team Washington 2 years in a row on the National Level, CJ has proven he can scrap with anyone. 

3.  Gage Cook - “12 Guage”: Gage is locked and Loaded with experience and accolades, this big boy will certainly be a huge addition to Grangers already tough lineup.  Gage can throw that is no secret, working on his ground game and footwork watch for Gage to come out of 1A high on the podium if not the top.

2.  Rylan Rogers– Technically one of the best wrestlers in recent years, Rylan is determined to challenge himself at all costs.  Rogers is a former Trinity award winner and finished this summer with All-American Honors in Fargo by placing 6th in Cadet Freestyle.  Heading into High School to challenge for the top stop at 152lb’s would prove tough for any freshman.  With slick attacks and a relentless pace, Rylan will challenge for the top spot at the nation’s most familiar prep wrestling program Blair Academy.

1.  Kenndyl Mobley - Mobley will be wrestling for the Indians of North Central at 113.  However, our guess is he will likely move down to 106 for post season.  Either weight, our guess is he will be challenging for the top spot come February in the dome.  Kenndyl has drastically improved his mat awareness skills and overall position on the mat and that showed this past summer at both Cadet Duals and Fargo where Mobley claimed a Stop Sign (National Title), watch for Mobley come Varsity season with a veteran attitude and ready to shake things up in 3A.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Abel Nava
  • Reyden Huizar
  • Ryan Clark
  • Seth Dawkins
  • Owen Cline
  • Horacio Godinez

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Bonney Lake High School Preview

By WSWA 10/05/2018, 1:45pm PDT

Bonney Lake is coming off another great season last year, scoring one of the highest point totals ever at the 3A State Tournament (165.5), only to be outdone by Mt. Spokane’s point total (179).  Bonney Lake has placed in the top 3 at state the past three seasons, and looks to continue that momentum heading into this season with a trio of returning state placers and rising stars.  

Bonney Lake’s focus this year will be in the present, not past glory, with another loaded schedule of tournaments that is sure to test them prior to post – season.  The Panthers are led by two of the best lightweights in the nation, Yusief Lillie and Brenden Chaowanapibool, both of which were double All-Americans last summer in Fargo, ND.  If you add in returning placer Cody Coffey, and seasoned veterans Orrin Brateng, Kyle Shaffer, Blake Koeller, Kelly Hickson, and Tommy Mendenhall, the Panthers have plenty of gas left in the tank.  Newcomer Kieron Lawes will make an immediate impact and turn some heads, he’s been on the USA Wrestling scene for several years and with his length and top ability, he could make a deep run come February.   

Projected line-up for the Bonney Lake Panthers. 

106 – Austin Kaylor 

113 – Yusief Lillie– Returning State Champion

120 – Brenden Chaowanapibool – Returning State Champion

126– Kieron Lawes 

132 – Blake Koeller 

138 – Anthony Schatz 

145 – Alex Rockwell

152 – Kyle Shaffer

160 – Matt Peterson 

170 – Cody Coffey – Returning State Placer 3rd

182 – Kelly Hickson

195 – Tommy Mendenhall

220– Ryan Skog 

285 – Orrin Brateng – Returning State Qualifier

Orting High School Preview

By WSWA 09/25/2018, 9:45pm PDT

Placing 2nd at state last season, this young team returns a crew of Sophomores and Juniors that are ready to return to the podium and step up. Orting has a prestigious history that has allowed them to be Top 3 in the state for the past 13 years. Their team is young, hungry and eager to hoist the State Championship trophy over their heads.  With over half of their returners competing in Freestyle and Greco, a state title is within grasp.  In order to knock off returning State Champions White River and find themselves on top of the podium, Orting will have to rely on their depth and ability to have multiple state placers in many weight classes.  Will the Cardinals be able to make up the 60-point spread between them and White River last year, time will tell?   

Notable Returners:

Connor Goucher 2nd at State (113)

Jake Utterback State alt (113)

Wyatt Schrader State Part (120)

Olsen Anderson State alt (126)

Bryson Anderson 3rd at State (132)

Hunter Behnke 6th at State (132)

Dylan Spader State alt (145)

Andrew Spooner State Part (145)

Phoenix Farrar 3rd at State (152)

Dylan Lalone 8th at State (160

Carter Thomas 6th at Regionals

Notable Transfers:

  • Demani Thomas: State Part (106) and WSWA Cadet National Dual team member.

Impact Freshman:

  • Owen Cline: Cadet Dual team member
  • Seth Dawkins: Schoolboy Dual team member, Triple Crown Winner.

Dark Horse Candidates:

  • Braden Goucher: will return after injuries pulled him off the mat midway through the season. He is hungry and ready to prove his worth.
  • Austin Pugh: was in a loaded weight class last year, but with maturation and determination he looks to add points to a state title run.


Potential Line-up

106: Demani Thomas, Isaiah Bodhaine 

113: Owen Cline 

120:  Braden Goucher 

126: Conner Goucher – Austin Pugh 

132: Olsen Anderson, Jake Utterback

138: Wyatt Schrader  Daniel Cottle

145: Hunter Behnke - Daniel Lopez 

152: Bryson Anderson, Andrew Spooner

160: Seth Dawkins, Dylan Spader

170: Phoenix Farrar 

182: Quientin Farrar

195: Dylan Lalone

220: Carter Thomas

285: Joe Evans